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AHardened Homes

Fortified Homes Hardened Structures Underground Bunkers Storm And Bomb Shelters

Since 1995 Hardened Homes, a design/build construction program management company, has been specializing in fortified structures for residential, corporate and community applications. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can design a home to your specifications that will protect your family and assets should disaster strike.

Our expertise in Multi-Hazard Structures are designed to be sustainable and defensible from storm, blast, intrusion, ballistic, biological, chemical, radiological or conventional attack. These Hardened Homes are constructed using proven, state-of-the-art technology which incorporates the latest hardened materials, alternative energy resources and advanced security features.

Hardened Homes turn-key team of architects, engineers, scientists and security professionals will take your project from feasibility studies and site assessments through strategic planning, design and construction. All with the utmost client confidentiality and in any urban, suburban or rural location in the States or worldwide.

Services Include:
Full Architectural & Engineering
Strategic Planning
Site Assessment
Risk/Security Assessment
Complete Design/Build Services
Building System Placement
Preparedness & Response
Alternate/Solar Energy Systems
Protection Programming
“Red Team” Assaults
Special Forces

Structures Built:
Fortified Homes
Underground Bunkers
Storm/Bomb Shelters
Anarchy Shelters
Family Shelters
Community Shelters
Nuclear Shelters
2012 Long Term Shelters
Hardened Condominiums
Dual Use Shelters
Prefab Steel Shelters
Govt. Facility Conversions